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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Writing in a Fishbowl v3 – Day Five

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7:21 PM: Hello, Tuesday! It’s time to write before you turn into Wensday.

Just for your information, I won’t be writing these posts on Sundays. And yesterday’s excuse for not writing was an umbilical hernia. I’m patiently awaiting surgery for next month and moved a heavy box absentmindedly. How could I forget that I had a hernia? Well, I certainly remembered in a hurry once I injured myself. You know those core exercises done on exercise balls? The kind that were all the rage in the aughts? I always found them rather lightweight. I had no idea how much I used my abs to sit and type until I couldn’t do it yesterday. Very painful.

But who cares about my pain, right? You’re here to read about how I manage writing a book while dealing with depression or ADHD. Tonight I write a hoary tale of how one moment of ADHD can come back to haunt us months later.

I discovered to my horror that I had no idea where all my graphics were for my latest book’s blog post. I spent yesterday and today scouring my hard drive in search for them. I couldn’t remember what I called them. I couldn’t remember where I stored them. I had no memory of what happened to them. I even fired up TimeMachine and dug around my past. Still no luck. Why on earth do I do this to myself? Couldn’t I have written myself a note somewhere in all my very organized book notes? So I thought about it. If I were a bonehead with ADHD, what unrelated place would I stick graphics of Pokémon trades? Then it hit me! iPhoto! And there they were, right where they didn’t belong. I have often said that it is a good thing my brain is trapped inside my skull, or else I might misplace it.

The reason these graphics are so important is because they were screen caps of trades I completed on the Pokémon Global Link. Since Nintendo revamped that site to work with Pokémon Sun & Moon, I can’t access those old trades anymore. My plan was to tease gamers about the trading system I devised by posting the screen caps. Now that I have the screen caps again, tonight’s goal will be to create the landing page for my book. Then I can let people know about it and quickly get busy working on my next book…which I already started on Friday because I was so excited about it. Yes, one can be excited writing about depression. I know that sounds funny, but then again, if I didn’t enjoy writing about the subject, I never would have blogged about it here for almost twelve years.

I also need to write tomorrow’s blog post, which I think will be about confusing ADHD symptoms with cold symptoms. But for now, I’m off to gently walk the treadmill at VASA.

If you’d like a pain free reading experience learning how to help suicidal loved ones, read my book.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Writing in a Fishbowl v3 – Day Four

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8:26 PM: Today was a day of recuperation. After my all-nighter Thursday night, I needed it. I slept until eleven. I didn’t dress until noon. I had pizza for breakfast. I played video games with my daughter. I got a haircut. I had a very laid back day.

After periods of intense hyperfocus, I find I need to let my brain spin. I set a limit, then proceed to unwind. We can’t fight ADHD all the time. Breaks are OK, I promise. By the time my daughter left, I had two hours before my friends came over, so I thought “Enough rest!” and I got to work. I thought I was wicked productive! You can probably imagine me with a smug smirk of accomplishment. The very first thing I wanted to do was delete my book project ToDo list. I had no need of it now, and I had already begun book three yesterday. I opened the list up to see if any stray tasks needed to be moved to another list before I chucked it into the void, when I noticed something: I hadn’t done anything on the list! This was my “Finish this before you publish” list. Anytime I thought of something that might need dealing with, I tossed it into this list. Because I would check it before publishing. Things like replacing placeholder text with actual references to the tables once the Appendix was done. Small stuff like that.

In a panic, I fired up the book project, corrected all my mistakes, then uploaded the changes to Smashwords & Amazon. What a dope! I have now hereby labeled that ToDo list “ToDuh List”. I share it with you in all its wicked productive glory.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Writing in a Fishbowl v3 – Day Three

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5:22 PM: Success! I published Trading Up to Legendaries in Seven Easy Steps: A Pokémon Trading Guide for Parents & Gamers early this morning. Then I crashed harder than Dow Jones after America made Brexit great again. I woke up just as my daughter arrived home from school. I am waiting for the book to appear on the various ebook stores. Then I’ll post two new landing pages: one for the book, and one for all my books. Hey! I have two of them now. They go together like peanut butter and jelly fish, but it’s uniquely me. I began my freelance writing career by reviewing video games, so this isn’t so far off topic for me.

Next, I will work on rebranding my mental health book to be written by “D.R. Cootey”, upload a new cover, maybe spruce up the descriptions, then get busy working on the hard copy version. My goal is to have that ready by the time I turn 50. But for NOW, we have Pokémon in Alola to capture. I’ll be going.

♪ Listening to: Space and the Woods by Late of the Pier

If you like reading finished books, you’ll love my first book. My new book isn’t up yet, and it won’t likely interest you, unless you dig Pokémon.

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Pokémon Legendaries in 7 Easy Steps

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Here’s what you’ll find inside:

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  • The last half of the book is for advanced gamers
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  • Tutorials on Wonder Trade and the Global Trade System for parents
  • Tips on how to help your children trade safely in-game
  • Explanations of key Pokémon game mechanics to help parents play along with their children
  • Tables that detail all the Pokémon that qualify for each stage of trading
  • Crucial information on how to determine the value of your Pokémon, and what makes a good trade!  

Whether you are a beginner or advanced Pokémon trainer, POKÉMON LEGENDARIES IN 7 EASY STEPS will help your playing evolve.

To give you an idea of how this trading system works, take a look at this example. These are the slowest, least popular trades possible using my system, yet I still scored a Kyogre starting with a Budew.

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