Sunday, October 21, 2018

That Time When Ducks Cured My Depression

Sometimes taking care of your own depression can be accomplished by taking care of somebody else.

I’ve been incredibly stressed and depressed lately, so when my 2nd oldest daughter, Cathryn, suggested last month that we celebrate the birthday of my youngest daughter, the Brownie, with a trip into the mountains, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Fresh air up in the clouds sounded like the perfect salve for my soul. My spirits are often lifted by a change of scenery and some exercise. There was only one problem: the Brownie hates hiking.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Begins to Hope Again

“But a sanguine temper, though forever expecting more good than occurs, does not always pay for its hopes by any proportionate depression. It soon flies over the present failure, and begins to hope again.” 
– Jane Austen, Emma, ch.18


Sunday, September 02, 2018

Three-Digit Phone Number for Suicide Prevention Signed into Law

A few weeks ago, local Utah politicians (Rep. Chris Stewart and Sen. Orrin Hatch) helped get a suicide prevention bill onto President Trump's desk that he signed into law. It tasks the government with creating a three-digit number that works as a shortcut to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) for suicide and mental health crises, much like 911 for medical emergencies. It also authorizes an investigation into the effectiveness of both the lifeline and the Veteran Crisis Line.

If you would like to see changes to either of these services, now is a very good time to contact your congress critters and give them your feedback.

Without comment, President Donald Trump signed into law on Tuesday legislation sponsored by Rep. Chris Stewart and Sen. Orrin Hatch, both Republicans, to require the Federal Communications Commission to study the feasibility of such a hotline. 
It is also ordered to recommend which three-digit number would be best for the hotline, examine the effectiveness of the current National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Veterans Crisis Line, and recommend ways to improve the current system. 
Stewart and Hatch hailed the new law and said it is long overdue. 
“We now have the opportunity to make the National Suicide Prevention Hotline more accessible and easier to remember,” Stewart said. “By creating a hotline dialing code that is short and easy to remember, we are taking an important step towards potentially averting tragedy. This new law truly has the ability to save lives."

More can be read here, here, and here.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Helping to Prevent Suicide Only Takes Moments

Knights Jousting by Howard Pyle

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This means that your social media timelines will suddenly be filled with celebrities sharing the national hotline. The cynic in you may roll your eyes. These celebrities will care very, very deeply in 280 characters; lots of their "show somebody you care" posts will gets thousands of likes and reposts, but where were they on August 31st? Where will they be on October 1st? Chasing a new cause, probably. Mounting their social media steed and charging to the next virtue signal over the hill beyond while shouting, "Don't forget to like and retweet!"

With the sea of hotline tweets will come angry killjoys ranting about how these celebrities don't really care, or they don't care enough, or those hotlines are terrible and they trace your call and alert the police so don't call them guys!

It can all be a bit much.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Shaking Things Up to Fight Depression

*Feeling like the daily grind is getting you down? I felt that way lately, and here’s how I turned things around. *

One sign of depression is that you lose interest in things that you used to find engaging. This is different than an ADHD whiplash pivot into a new pursuit. It’s more like your love for a favorite pastime dies with a weary sigh. I’ve been through that type of phase many times in my life. I gave up reading Science Fiction & Fantasy once. Stopped enjoying anime for many years. Stopped watching favorite TV programs here and there. I even stopped playing the tinwhistle, something I have enjoyed since Sailor Moon and Lisa Frank rocked my daughters’ world. These were all activities I did daily, then suddenly didn’t.

Usually, these changes happen slowly. I can’t pinpoint, for example, what day I stopped playing the tinwhistle for a few years. It might have been the month of my divorce when I moved into my own place. I do remember the sound of the tinwhistle felt too loud in that empty apartment, but I don’t recall making the decision to put it away. One day I realized that I hadn’t played the whistle in months, apathetically shrugged, and moved on. Fortunately, I’ve learned to manage this aspect of depression.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Six Steps to Tame Way Too Many Projects

Shoes that don't fit. How cool. :/

Too tight; too long. With added arch supports, they fit even worse. I bought these Rowley Slims Vans in the 00s because they looked cool, and I thought I’d get back into skateboarding, but I never bought a skateboard. I couldn’t even wear the shoes more than every once in a while. They hurt my arches because they are a size 11, and I wear a 9½–10. I was too impatient to special order ones that fit me. I was going to start skateboarding with clown shoes on a skateboard I hadn’t purchased yet. What was I thinking? My life has been filled with false starts like this. Intentions the size of mountains, but follow through measured in millimeters.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Accolades, Attributions & Awards

Over the years I have received various awards for my efforts here, as well as interviews. Unfortunately, I've been blogging longer than some of the sites that featured me! I've updated this page with archive links so you can see what the award pages looked like when the award was issued. This is important because each one of these awards leads to a list of excellent sites and wonderful writers who have their own things to say about ADHD, depression, and mental health. Now you can discover them, and, with luck, access them again.



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