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About Me

Celebrating Year Nine

I’m Douglas Cootey, and I’ve been blogging here since 2 January 2005. Before that I blogged for years into a tiny text file called “what’s_new.html” and hosted it on a site so old not even remembers it very well. I would update that blog via telnet using vi. I also wore a pocket protector on my plaid button down shirt at the time. It was very exciting.

I started out blogging about mental health in order to accomplish three goals:

  • First, I wanted to overcome the stigma. I couldn’t talk about my ADHD or Depression without feeling shame. The method I used to overcome this was self-deprecating humor. It worked well. Considering how many times I screw up my life in a day, I had plenty of source material. Still do. 
  • Next, I wanted to reach out to others who shared my issues.  My blog has reached thousands of people, many of whom send me emails thanking me for what I have written. The mental health stigma is strong, so they stay in the dark, but their hearts are touched. Within a year of starting this blog I discovered something, though. I had more to learn from others than they did from me. It has been humbling and educational. I have truly terrific readers.
  • The last goal was to train myself to be a writer. I first worked on posting regularly. Then I worked on posting within a word count limit to train myself to discard my work without fear, focusing only on the best concepts to put forward. Now, I am writing in my novel so much I have a hard time coming back here to write about mental health, and this is a very good thing.

I accomplished those goals and even won awards along the way. Now I blog about a variety of issues. I will likely touch upon mental health from time to time since I live with the fun specters of ADHD & Depression daily, but, with luck, the focus will be on progress not process. I also write about iPhone technology since Apple's iDevice is my iBrain and I'm writing a nifty book about ADHD and technology.

As for my writing goals, I have had my work published professionally in magazines, and I have finished several children's books, a middle grade book, and started more stories than Vulcan has irons in his fire. This year I am working on publication of some of those stories.

Some have called me the Secret guy because I advocate the power of positive thinking in improving your life. Go ahead, laugh at me. I'm not sitting around willing the Universe to gift me a Jaguar, but I do strongly believe my life is better because I trained myself to stop thinking negatively, something which wasn't making me happy, and something that took years of hard work. Others think I'm a Scientologist because I'm so anti-meds. Although I do believe some shrinks make duck sounds, I strongly advocate Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and I have personal reasons why psychotropic meds are not the solution for me. Please research my stances before firing off angry missives in the comments. And don't bully people who can't or don't want to use meds. There are effective alternatives out there.

Lastly, please consider donating to my efforts. I don't write for pay here, but if you find anything I've written useful to you, I would appreciate a small tip tossed into the hat. It will help me defray my internet costs.

Need to contact me? You can find me in a variety of ways:

Email: SplinteredMind at Cootey dot com

Follow me on Twitter as @SplinteredMind. I also explore iPhone photography with Instagram as douglascootey (peek). And if you're a glutton for punishment you can friend me on Facebook as well. These days I do a lot of my thinking and process on Path. You're welcome to request to join me there. And if you’re interested in what music I listen to you can follow me on Ping or

Anything I didn't cover? Drop me a line. Thanks for reading!


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Ashley P. said...

Doug, I love your blog. I thought of you when I saw this- (music video for a song about ADD!)

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