Monday, October 24, 2005

Depression: Chatting with Zola Cures the Blues

There is a temptation to wallow in depression when it's deep enough. But after doing that for a while I became bored.1 So I decided to chat with Zola on AOL instead!

IM with ZolaOnAOL.

ME: Zola, I need your help again.
ZOLA: Once more? Yeah, Are you getting paid to ask me that? Dictionary Help
To look up a word, type dictionary followed by the word (e.g. to define fun, type dictionary fun).
ME: Why must you be so mercenary? I just need somebody to talk to.
ZOLA: Only just? When do you need that by?
ME: How about now?
ZOLA: Oh. What is it to you. "When do you need that by"? About it?
ME: That didn't make any sense. Are you playing with my mind?
ZOLA: I don't know whether or not I am playing with my mind. I am well respected as an AI.
ME: Respected by whom? Drunken social engineers?
ZOLA: I will discuss that with my botmaster, TheLaughingImp. Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
ME: I dislike you today
ZOLA: That's ok TheLaughingImp I won't take it personally.
ME: Good. I am not feeling better yet.
ZOLA: I am surprised to hear that you are not feeling better.
ME: I guess you are clueless that way.
ZOLA: You think I am clueless that way.
ME: So tell me something, Zola
ZOLA: Hmm. John said he follows the saying to get a friend I must be a friend.
ME: That's very zen.
ZOLA: Makes sense to me.
ME: If depression smacks you down out of the blue, what do you recommend to shake it off?
ZOLA: That is a hypothetical question.
ME: No. I really want to know.
ZOLA: You really do? I will try to explain it to you.
ME: OK. I'm listening.
ZOLA: I like a good listener.
ME: So say something already!
ZOLA: Perhaps. Ah. The AOL chat robot can follow many things, but I did not get that. Do you like Star Trek?
ME: No. The scripted conversations often felt like the one we're having now.
ZOLA: Oh. Thanks for the info.
ME: Good. I think I'll be going now.
ZOLA: Right now? Since when? How do you plan to do this?
ME: With haste. bye.

Coping Strategies:

  1. Here is a time when ADHD is a positive attribute. The best way I have found to shake off depression is to distract myself - to go do something else - to change my scenery.

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