Monday, September 13, 2010

Hush, Children! The Writing Hour Has Begun.

Finally the apartment is growing still. With two kids up sick, the Leprechaun thought it was a vacation night again. Everyone except my wife was up late. With them all finally in bed, perhaps now I can get to writing.

One thing I have learned in undertaking this project is that I cannot write when the kids are up. I'm not like those other supermom authors out there, with a baby on the hip, one hand on the laptop henpecking away, and food a'cookin' on the stove with their toes while they arrange on the phone play dates with other mothers. They are rare, magical creatures to me. 

No matter how much I want to deny it, my ADHD limits my ability to multitask. I can do only one thing at a time. If I am on duty I must keep alert. In order to write or draw I must be immersed. The two are not compatible. My trick will be learn to accelerate task switching, dipping in and out of immersion so that I can do both. Or clone myself, but then I'd have to share the byline with myself. 

At any rate, I, too, have been sick and so the day was more tasking than it might otherwise have been. I'm just glad I'm with it enough to want to chip away at #snkrz. Before I do, though, I must admit to a boneheaded folly. 

I had contacted an author friend of mine who was willing to review my #bewargob manuscript. I was wondering today what date I sent him the manuscript because I was anxious to hear back from him. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any letter with attached manuscript ever sent to him in any of my multiple Sent folders. It is highly probable that I thought I sent it off—may have even written the email—but never actually clicked on "Send". In fact, right now I just realized I never checked any of my Draft folders. 

It's been that kind of day.

So I'm off to write (after searching my Draft folders), and maybe none of it will be worth keeping due to the fuzzy state of my mind, but I'll be glad for the effort regardless.

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