Monday, May 07, 2012

Musing Monday - Let's Try This Again

Gorgeous day; Gorgeous blossoms.  by me

Gorgeous day today. Sure wish I had spent it on the side of a river with a hayseed in my mouth and wind in my hair. Instead, I spent it either indoors or en route to another location indoors. Errands are the new R&R.

Back when I was insane and thought having two blogs was a good idea, I tried different ways to attract other authors and writers. I posted Monday Musings for a while, but somehow life and stuff and stress got in the way and I stopped doing them. Isn't that a shame? One of them is even in my top ten pages. Baffling, but flattering. No, wait. It features Miley Cyrus in her underwear. Oh, I understand now.

Let's change the subject.


If your main character from your work in progress was lying under the tree above and looking at that sky, what would he or she be thinking? Here's mine:

Lunch is almost over and I haven't thought of a new gag for Craigslist yet. Nate's going to win this one for sure. I was positive that last gag was going to work. I mean, how was I supposed to know blind people would want a panty shaped Miley Cyrus pillow that speaks the time? What a disaster! Kayla looked at me like I was a monster. Jeez, loser fanboys were supposed to call, not blind people.

But Nate's glowing meteor that he "found" in his back yard beat me hands down. He had calls from all over the country for two weeks. He told them all it was legit, but he wasn't sure if it was safe. He kept setting off alarms at the courthouse when it was in his pocket. Even Kayla thought that was funny.

Wait, I could post a personal for TSA fans! I'll tell them I'm hosting a pat down party! Uh, on second thought. Bad idea.

I need that date with Kayla. I wonder if she would like flowers. Not these. They look like little alien fuzz blobs. I mean real ones like from the flower shop, in a vase with that green stuff around it. Hey, I got it!

Can't get to Mars? Bring Mars to you! Alien seeds from ancient meteors. RARE!! Plant them in your garden. They go great with roses. Contact for more info. Must be willing to prove over the phone you have experience with xenohorticulture.
That date is mine!