Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fractals: Cathedral to Stars

Been so busy with podcasts, kids, and my usual troubles this summer that I haven't had time to explore fractal art. Any free time I had was put into my blogs, especially Cootey's Critters. Judging by how little has been done on that blog I didn't have much free time. However, I'm not down about it. I have some great ideas in store for that blog and look forward to implementing them this month. See? I can be positive.

"Cathedral to Stars" evokes a sense of passage and motion to me. The sweeping ribs along the side draw the eye towards the towards the center, but the circle plants the eye there. I wanted to experiment with a centered design that still had variety. I feel I accomplished that with this piece and am fairly pleased with it.

To see more of my fractal artwork, follow the link here or in the side menu.