Thursday, October 06, 2005

Depression: Hold Onto the Funny Things in Life

My first grader stayed home from school today. She told her mummy that her tummy ached. Since that's why she came home early from school yesterday this didn't seem too far fetched. Her fifth grade sister is also home sick - this one with a kidney infection - so the two of them were camped out on the couch watching Disney channel movies.

As I was typing in the other room, I heard one of them walking around the kitchen (over my head), running water, banging around, and then coming back down the stairs. Soon I heard the tinkling of the sick bell.

At first I didn't think it was the sick bell because I hadn't given it to either child, but after it continued to ring I walked away from my computer and looked down the hall to see if somebody needed me. My first grader sat there slumped on the couch with the sick bell in her hand.

"Daddy, would you go upstairs and get me a drink?" she asked.

"You went upstairs, got the sick bell, came downstairs and rang me so I would go upstairs and get you a drink!?"

"Yes," she replied sheepishly.

I just laughed out loud and returned to my typing. I think she's well enough to go back to school tomorrow.