Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Learning to Fly

I realize this post will be far off the beaten path but I hope you'll humor me. I came across the most wonderful comic today when exploring Russell Stutler's website. It is called "A Strange Wind Blowing" He captured that wonderful nostalgic feeling I used to get on a blustery day. Remember how it felt to have the wind give you the feeling you could fly when you were a child? We were so light a strong wind could move us. Dreams of flying were natural. When I was a young boy I didn't just wish to fly when the wind was particularly gusty. I actively tried to fly. Even long past when I knew that I couldn't fly I would let the wind flap my clothes and I would imagine flying.

Sometime in my life I forgot about flying, even in my dreams. Instead, I dreamed of falling and being chased1. When I was awake this morning at 5am I wasn't thinking about flying then, either. A cold front had moved in overnight and the wind was howling and beating at my windows. I went outside to secure our backyard paraphernalia and pensively wondered if it was tornado weather. It never occurred to me to stand out in the middle of the yard in my jammies and just let the wind lift me up and take me away. I was all grown up now. Instead, I went back inside, responsibly went back to bed, and didn't even dream.

Reading "A Strange Wind Blowing" reminded me of what I'd forgotten this morning. For me disability has nailed my feet down, but there's debt, and bills, and obligations, and all the other pressures of the adult world I share with my fellow man that keeps me grounded as well. Maybe it's time to dream of flying again. Who knows? I might even get lucky this time.

Coping Strategies:
1) Go fly a kite.

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