Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Terror! I Have Lost My Brain!

I discovered to my horror last night as I drifted off to bed that I had misplaced my PDA. I am amazed that I was able to let myself sleep after that, but it did take some doing. But now that a new day has cast its light on my tragedy panic is starting to settle in.

I am completely lost without my PDA.

All my backups are for naught. Shamefully, I have not swapped out memory cards in a few weeks so if I were to buy a new one I would be woefully out of date. And I just set up a new computer so iCal isn't set up yet.


We've been ripping the house apart looking for it, but I suspect it has gone walkabout OUTSIDE the home. I cannot hear its incessant beeping at all. This is a very bad sign.

My daughter did find my Navajo Indian ring from my honeymoon. I didn't even realize it was missing. But no PDA. (-_-);

UPDATE: 10/11/06 Ah, I have been reunited with my brain. I can't emphasize enough how uncomfortable it is to walk around without one. I was just about to resort to scrawling To Dos in ink all over my arms when my seven year old discovered my brain tucked neatly away in the back seat of the minivan. Since I don't ever go back there I can only assume that when my thoughts wandered the other day my PDA wandered off as well.