Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hope for the Holidays - a Concert by Robyn Cootey

Robyn's Concert Poster My wife, Robyn, is giving an organ concert tonight with special vocal numbers, including one with my daughter singing "The Prayer". She has been preparing for this for weeks and I am kicking myself for not thinking of promoting the concert on my blog before. I designed the poster then blissfully thought I had done all I could do. Today I've been trying to correct that shortsightedness in a flurry of tweets and by setting up a Facebook event.

The concert is free, but donations are being collected for charity (Family Promise) to benefit the homeless in Salt Lake City. Please donate what you can. If you are unable to make it (because my stylin' AD/HD-esque advance notice of three and a half hours isn't enough time for you to shift around your Sunday night schedule), please spread the word to others you think might be interested. It really is going to be a wonderful concert and it is for a great cause.

Obviously, my readers from outside the Salt Lake Valley will be hard pressed to hop on a plane and make it in time, but I thought you folks might like to know about the concert anyway. I hope to post a recording of it later for you to enjoy.

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