Friday, October 12, 2007

Ima nanji desu ka? Is it an ad or a crazy Japanese distraction?

I came across this today and had to share it with you folks. It's occupied enough of my time today. Maybe it can occupy some of yours. I think it is a promotional gimick for a clothing company. There are day and night animations. Catch it at the top of the hour and you'll be treated to an "omake" - which is a bonus video.

I haven't posted a fun distraction in a long while so I hope this makes up for it. A meatier article will be up later today.

Update: I know, you're so excited about this you need an update.. This is a promo for Uniqlo - a Japanese clothing retail store. It is mostly based in Asia, but there's a New York location. Odd looking building. Somehow, this ad campaign fits them.

And now for something even weirder: There's an alarm message at 5pm MST

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