Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Adult AD/HD Ambitions #4: Find Focus First

Is there something in your life you'd like to improve? Set a goal and track it with us here.

After spending the morning reading Super Tuesday coverage, then walking to the local fire station to vote, then spending 3 hours driving around Salt Lake Valley like a madman sprinkling my children all over the place like seeds, I suddenly remembered I needed to set goals for this week.

I say "suddenly" with tongue in cheek because I had previously not remembered what I was going to set as my goal. Monday turned into Tuesday and finally it came to me as I lay in bed pretending to sleep. A quick sticky note later and I could relax and let things go and get back to tossing and turning. Unfortunately, I didn't look at that sticky note before leaping into the world wide web for my morning news fix. But here I am now, ready to pretend I know what I'm talking about.

My goal for this week: Find Focus First

My morning routine is a random event. I like there to be more order in my life so I can get more accomplished, so finding focus first thing in the morning instead of the last thing at night would be a real improvement in my life. Fortunately, I remember to get dressed before I sit down in front of the computer, but there was that time back in '96. Nah. Let's not go into that.

Comments on this posting will close in a week. Pipe up and pitch in. This could be a good experience for you.

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