Saturday, February 23, 2008

An Excellent Checklist for Adults with AD/HD

Pete Quily's got a fairly comprehensive list up over on his site ADD Adult Strengths listing ten management techniques you could be doing to rein in your AD/HD and be more productive. He really pushes the "Pills Don't Teach Skills" meme, which I highly support. Years ago when ADD meds began to fail me I was left floundering with no managing skills. Perhaps for the first time in my life I had to actually deal with having AD/HD and it wasn't pretty. Save yourself the headache and look over Pete's list. One day either your prescription is going to run out, you're going to need a vacation from your meds, or they will lose their efficacy. There's bound to be something you're not doing in the list that you could benefit from.

The only caution I would offer for his list is that his solutions aren't easy, quick fixes. All require thought and fore planning, but you shouldn't shy away from that if you are serious about taking charge of your life.

Have an excellent weekend. This post will function as our open chat. Comments will close Sunday night.

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