Friday, February 08, 2008

The Splintered Chat #6

Welcome to another Splintered Chat, an open forum for any topic that fringes upon the subjects of AD/HD, Depression, and halitosis. Depressed about Romney pulling out of the 2008 Presidential race? Depressed that Hillary Clinton is staying in? Depressed that Ron Paul only appeals to the tin foil hat crowd and your crazy uncle who believes that we never landed on the moon? C'mon in! This is the final haven for the hollow earth crowd.

No, I'm teasing again. I don't really care about that stuff. Unless you want to throw Bigfoot into the mix, THEN we might have something. A hollow earth theory that involves invisible, paradimensional Bigfoots with psychic powers could be quite a heady conversation indeed. Meds, anyone?

Actually, I sorta want to believe in Bigfoot, but that might be admitting too much.

Anyway, it's an open chat and you are welcome to meet and greet with other readers of this blog. I know you like to lurk and keep your opinions to yourself, but I promise not to bite.

(In reality, I bet all my subscribers are probably wildly successful people in life with no time for idle chat who like to keep me in their feeds to remind themselves of what they have to lose if they should ever become like me. ;)

Since I don't want to let them down, let's jump into the fray...)

Comments will close on Sunday night

Update 2/11/08 2:24:09 PM: Comments closed

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