Friday, April 04, 2008

18 Tips to Conquer Clutter

Life in disarraySince I've been incredibly busy writing books, drawing, making music, and mastering the subtle art of cat juggling, I've not made time for this blog. I feel terrible about it. I really do.

In fact, this was a perfect week to blog since I had a crushing bout of Depression that made me so fun to be around that my family began not coming home. I still wonder where my wife is. Honey? Dear?

So while I think about how I can cheerily relate how I fought off my latest black mood with nothing but a smile and a pan of spicy ramen, I wanted to leave you with a link that you might find useful.

Over at there is an article listing 18 different ways to attack clutter in your home. Each point will only take about five minutes of your time. Since clutter can lead to chaos in the mind as well as in the home, I am a big fan of cleaning. Often, when I find myself overwhelmed, I am able to begin the process of gaining control of my life by picking one mess to straighten. Even one mess can start a chain reaction for me enabling me to climb out of the funk for good. I highly recommend's list for a fresh way of getting at your messes and freeing your mind.

Enjoy your weekend. I hope to have an article ready for you next week.