Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mandatory ADHD Screening and Treatment for the Workplace?

I'm busy working on my chapter novel/wicked big picture book and came across this eye opening article by Philip Dawdy over at Furious Seasons during a break:

New ADHD Study Pimps ADHD Workplace Screening

Drug maker Eli Lilly funded a study that recommends mandatory ADHD screening and treatment (i.e. medicating) at the workplace in order to improve worker productivity. After all, we ADHD guys are costing the company money through lost hours of brainless ADHD spinning. The study says so. You know, because only ADHD people get bored and play Solitaire at work, chat at the water cooler, text message, surf the web, do email, take long lunches, etc.

Philip breaks the study down and explains why it's a bad idea with questionable legitimacy.