Thursday, July 17, 2008

13 of the Funniest References to My Blog This Month

Thursday Thirteen

Here's something I haven't done in a while. It's a new entry for Thursday Thirteen. I realize that most people post their Thursday Thirteen's sometime Tuesday afternoon, but I don't roll that way. I like things late and tardy.

The article on my May ADHD experiment is turning out to be a thesis of sorts, so while I cut away at it over the weekend I hope you enjoy the following.

13 of the Funniest References to My Blog This Month

  1. blogspot depression - Are they looking for blogspot blogs on depression, or are they researching depression in bloggers who use blogspot?
  2. miley cyrus coloring book pages - This is the most harmless search variation on the thousand or so "Miley Cyrus" hits on my blog since I wrote that article about the Miley Cyrus scandal. Most are derivatives of "miley cyrus in bed" and "mileycyrus nekkid", though I'm sure "posing naked angel" is related somehow.
  3. mahjongg side effects - Perhaps they shouldn't be swallowing all those tiny little tiles...
  4. it started off as a kiss never expecting this now im here - I never realized that my blog was a destination for star crossed lovers.
  5. i hate killer monkeys of doom with sharpened - I may never know the suspenseful outcome of this concise work of fiction.
  6. challenges encountered by someone who is liveing with a men - Definitely an odd link to me. My problem is that I'm surrounded by women and the color pink. I may need additional therapy.
  7. cho seung hui fan club - If they were looking for that sick freak's fanclub, they couldn't have been more mistaken by visiting my site.
  8. examples of speaking without thinking - I think they hit the mother lode when they found my site with this search.
  9. cognitive in whistling kettles - My mind boggles.
  10. where was douglass living when he finished the first draft - OK, this isn't funny. I have a stalker? Creepy.
  11. combat coping with adderall withdrawal -buy -cheap - I realize that the dashes are supposed to exclude the last two terms, but read out loud that is one funny search string.
  12. japanese breathmint ad attack - Worse than Godzilla!
  13. where to buy beef flavored prozac for dogs - This one makes me giggle every time I read it.

Most searches are exactly on target, so these beauts stand out. If geeky search indexes aren't your cup of tea, then I hope you enjoy my cinematic debut with the clowns in Washington, D. C.

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