Friday, August 01, 2008

Of Fisher Cats and Miley Cyrus

Peeping ToysNo big article this week. I've been swamped with work. Client phone calls, web design, daddy duty up to my eyeballs, and lastly I've been spending every spare moment helping my daughter prepare for her county fair gigs. I booked her for four fairs this summer. She's even headlining for one of them. Wish I could tell you which one. I promised my family I wouldn't expose her to the online public unless she had an album for sale. She has a MySpace band page and a podcast I help her produce, but no pictures of what she actually looks like. Just bits and pieces of her. Maybe one day soon we'll get her original music on iTunes, but until then she remains an anonymous, 16 year old girl who sings country music locally.

Not that I mind, really. Look at Miley Cyrus. I covered before what a mess this past year has been for her and how that's only reaffirmed my belief that Hollywood sucks the souls out of little girls. Now somebody has released a photo of Miley in a wet t-shirt taken in the shower. It's an old photo, and hardly anything to get alarmed about, but looked at in a timeline one can see the progression. I don't want that for my daughter, so I lock her in a box and let her out only on the weekends. No, I kid. It just feels like that for her. I merely laugh when she complains.

Speaking about Miley, I cannot believe the amount of traffic this site gets because of that article I wrote. I also get a kick out of the comments Miley fans leave. They are a fun group to tease. I am the Devil to them, apparently. And here I just thought I was writing about how fixated and panicked I was as an ADHD father of a budding entertainer. I imagine that most of the people coming across my site must be sorely disappointed. They're looking for shockingly nekkid photos of Miley and all I have are clothed ones.

(cc) redjar Miley isn't the only odd link into my blog from the world of Google. Fisher cats are also popular. I wrote about fisher cats in 2006 and I still get hits from Google on the subject. There must be some very hard up fishing ailurophiles out there if my blog is a popular resource. For them I will point them to this. Flickr is an excellent resource for photos of fisher cats. At least the fisher cat fans don't leave me angry, obscene comments filled with advice on how I should think, raise my children, or what anatomically difficult things I should do with my opinions.

I am bothered a bit that my stats are so high for those two subjects but I'm glad that my blog's long tail is made up of searches for ADHD and Depression related topics. Google is an amazing thing. Although I've been exploring ADHD a great deal recently, I've recently been fighting with Depression, so I hope to write more on the subject very soon. More content for the long tail. It's all good.

As a final note, and a more personal one, I received word back on "Sneaker's Secret" in the mail on Monday from an agent. Alas, it was a rejection. However, it was nicely worded and filled with good suggestions. I am happy to be at the point in my writing where editors and agents take time to comment my rejection as opposed to simply sending me a form letter or laugh tracks on disc. Since I am so busy at the moment, I will mail the story around a bit more. If consensus matches what this agent wrote, then I know what I can start working on in September. Otherwise, I will hope to get lucky with the manuscript and continue working on my new novel.

Thanks for reading. I love reading your comments, even the ones where you accuse me of being evil, a bad parent, and a Miley hater, and I hope to resume a more normal publishing schedule very soon.

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