Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All Good News All the Time

Alltop's Good News Aggregator

Investments down? Lost your shirt on Wallstreet? Sad Obama won? Sad Obama's too centrist now? Hate reading negative news out of Israel? Tired of war in the Middle East? Sick of Global Warming guilt while your back aches from shovelling snow?

Whatever type of news you may be hearing too much of, chances are the news can leave you impotent and frustrated at times. Some people even find the news as a negative trigger for Depression.

Of course, you could always not watch or read it, but news is hard to escape. Life happens all around us. Only hermits and the uninformed stay away from news for long.

Consider finding balance instead. My friend's over at Alltop have put together a new aggregator much like the ADHD one I'm included in. This one is just good news - nothing but good, uplifting news.

It features good news about technology, climate, culture, and just plain ole people. People doing good things to each other for a change. I found it an interesting mix and thought some of you might like some cheering up. Maybe you'll bookmarktje site as I did.