Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time for a Book Giveaway - Twitter Style

In which Douglas admits he may be wrong about something while offering a free book...

About nine months ago I reviewed "The Girls' Guide to AD/HD" and didn't hold back any punches. I described how the book and I didn't get along, as if the author had personally set out to irritate me with its content and layout. Here is one of the nicer quips from that review last March.

“I felt this book assaulted my attention span with a sledgehammer covered with sparkles. I had a hard time thumbing through it, nevermind reading it.”

Now, to be fair, I'm not a girl, nor am I a teenaged girl, so I am as far from the targeted demographic for this book as I am from Alpha Centauri. I still stand by my criticisms, but I'm willing to accept that there might be people out there who not only will like this book and the way it's laid out, but may even find it useful.

This is why I've decided to remove it from my bookshelf and let you put it on yours.


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