Sunday, May 03, 2009

Winter Memory

(cc) Douglas CooteyThis morning I was hot so I opened the window above my head and flolloped on top of my covers to cool off. I awoke again with a crust of ice over me so SLAM went the window.

Usually the weather is quite warm by May, but contrary to the popular need for the world to be rudely ignited by Global Warming, Winter has had quite a long hold here in the Midwest. We had snow here in Utah last month. In fact, I drove through a blizzard on my way into Denver just two weeks ago, nearly pitching headlong into the darkness thanks to a patch of black ice in Monarch Pass.

I know. I know. Weather is not the climate. Funny thing, though. We only hear that when cold weather inconveniently happens. I keep thoughts like that in mind when I'm huddling under the covers trying to restore warmth to my frozen extremities.

I found this time lapse experiment I made last February and thought I'd post it in honor of a nifty l'il news item in the New York Times where the warm-mongers have now hired a marketing firm to help them with Mother Nature's own slam on their credibility.

In the meantime, bundle up out there. It's only May.

(I linked to a secondary site because the Times has a habit of locking out their content to non-subscribers. The original Times link is here.)

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