Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Clutter

Hear this article read to you:

UnspeakableI have a variety of gadgets and widgets along the side of my blog that are nothing more than boondoggles. It's time to chuck out what is unnecessary. Since I've finished the Web Project of DOOM and have started moving on to new projects, I have cast a weary eye at my blog design. You may recall it didn't always look so bland, but six years of adding and adding onto it produced a monstrosity that apparently scared some older browsers into fits. So I deleted everything one day and went with a default Blogger template.

So boring.

I wouldn't allow myself to redesign the site while I had deadlines and more important projects to worry about, but now I'm a little embarrassed about the state of things around here. After all, I did used to be a web designer. (See my latest design)

This blog entry may very well be an archive of sorts. I'll be moving most of the binary tchotchkes here. When I've figured out which gadgets I think are truly necessary, I'll dive into the redesign.

Feel free to let me know what you think, btw. I'd love the feedback. What do you think of the ones I've left on the side. Do you like knowing what I'm reading and listening to? Do you care even mildly? And how about the Google followers widget? Does it give you a thrill? Do you find it useful, or could you live without it?

Update 9/30/09 1:54:51 PM: I've moved the plea for feedback from the bottom of individual blog entries to the top of the footer so that I won't ever forget to beg again. There might be some redundancy with those entries where I did remember. With 480 subscribers as of today, I'm hoping a cleaner design will entice more of you to pop by the site and share your experiences in the comments section. Either that, or I'll offer to pay you…

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