Monday, September 07, 2009

Summer is Winding to a Close

Hear this article read to you:

August Beauties
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This has not been my most favorite summer.

I’d have to say my 18th year was my most favorite. I had escaped my first year of college intact, I owned a super cool General moped, I met some cool girls, went on some cool dates, pulled some stupid pranks, and fooled around Hyannis’ Main Street. My friends were still my friends, the summer was beautiful, and I had zero responsibilities.

This summer was like winter in the Bering Strait in comparison. In a barrel. With nothing but cold, salty halibut to eat. And super chapped lips.

No, I will not miss this summer one bit.

Well, maybe I’ll pull some happy memories out of it, but only after time helps me forget the taste of all that halibut.

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Update: I remembered incorrectly. The moped was lost in a swirl of legs and brother on black ice while I was away from home. By the arrival of summer I was resigned to my mopedless fate.