Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Snow

Winterfall From Within the WebOctober this year was spent being sick or caring for the sick, but it wasn't spent preparing for Halloween. Now that the spooky day is upon us, we're finally well enough to quickly do something about it. I hope to share some photos with you throughout the day that will lead up to sharing an outtake from a story I am writing. It's a middle grade horror/fantasy/mystery that is probably too big for me now, but I'm enjoying the process of growing into it.

Here's the first photo of the day. We finally put up decorations last Sunday when two days later Mother Nature thought a dusting of snow stirred with heavy gusts of wind were the final touch our display needed. I strongly disagreed with her, but like most of the women in my life, she poohpoohed my input and did what she wanted anyway. Our display hung in tatters until yesterday.