Monday, November 02, 2009

’Musing Monday - Doorways

I've Got a Bad FeelingHere is a creepy photo I took with my iPhone. I love how menacing a common school hallway became with a bit of a tiltshift effect and toy camera coloring. Continuing the creative writing practice I started two weeks ago, I invite you to play along. The photo practically begs you to ask the question: What danger is awaiting at the end of this hallway?

I'll start:

Stewart gripped his Glock tightly as he slipped up the stairwell to the fifth floor. Today he was going to end it. He'd take back his life and put an end to the people who tormented him. He had it all worked out. He'd burst through the door like a ruptured pipe and spray hot metal at everything that moved. Nobody would blame him. People might even thank him. Who knew who else these ratbags had been torturing.

Six weeks of Youtube abuse. Video of Stewart picking his nose. Video from the ceiling of Stewart taking a dump. Video of Stewart striking out with Aimee. Video of Stewart striking out with Beth. Video of Aimee and Beth sniggering about Stewart. He had had enough.

Apartment 5G was up ahead. He wiped sweat away from his shiny forehead with an already wet sleeve. The gun felt slippery in his hands. He rubbed his hands on his pants, then continued down the poorly lit hallway.

His notoriety was so bad that even his 67 year old computerphobic boss had seen the videos. He couldn't show his face in the lunch room at work. He couldn't frequent his favorite pub. Even his mother wouldn't be seen in public with him, which was the only upside from the humiliating ordeal. When he found the camera behind his bathroom mirror he couldn't believe his luck. The ratbags had tagged it with their street address.

This was it. The letters "5G" caught the flickering fluorescent lights in the hallway.

Stewart kicked down the door and burst into the room in a semi-automatic storm of bullets. Shards of vase and wood flew everywhere as he straffed back and forth. He had taken out a cat and a large fishtank before finding two elderly ladies huddled behind an overturned coffee table. He had been set up.

Stewart fell to his knees and stared blankly at the terrified ladies. A churning sickness was beginning to grow in his stomach.

And all the while a camera continued filming.