Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stage One: Doi!

(cc) Douglas Cootey
Long before there was Homer, there were the kids of Cape Cod, circa 1984. Every goof you made in school was greeted with a chorus of "Doi!" from helpful peers.

ADHD + Klutzy Teenager = Chorus of Doi

I heard that word an awful lot. It seemed then to be the corollary of my life.

Last night I was so focused on getting the new blog design up that I forgot one teeny, little detail: to check the site on PCs. Remember that bicycle incident I wrote about earlier today? Doi.

Well, this is not really a big deal. I'll just revert to the old design until I bang the bugs out of the new one. It does show me, though, the importance of getting my sleep under control if I want to make progress on this goal. I spent yesterday in a bit of a mental fog. The holidays take their toll on all, and I was no exception. My sleep schedule is a travesty.

Although I worked on revisions for my chapter book, the pace was such that I'm certain that Time itself could have given me a severe wedgie then raced my briefs up a pole. This put me behind to the point where I began my blog redesign at midnight. Did I blog about the single most important event of the day? No, I took a hammer out and attacked my CSS code instead.

I could have written about how I completed my picture book, TAKE A HIKE!, last Thursday on New Years Eve. I could have written about how satisfying that felt or how excited I was to email the manuscript off to an editor. I could even have gushed reservedly about the email I received back from the agent yesterday, or how he seemed to like my manuscript and offered a few suggestions. In fact, I could have been working on those suggestions then emailed him the revised manuscript. Instead, I just had to get my new look up for the blog's fifth birthday.

Ah, well. Maybe I can write about it tomorrow. I have a design to bang into shape.