Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stage One: Done! Again⸮

Soon to blot out the sunConstruction is going on all around my home. Even on this blog.

I am finally satisfied with the look of the site. This time comments still work, as well as ordered lists, which inexplicably stopped functioning after I updated the design earlier this month.

I haven't received any complaints from Internet Explorer users that the new site design causes their computers to spin in place then melt into slag. It's all good. Besides, those users shouldn't be using Internet Explorer anyway. Don't they know that the French and Germans now forbid it? After IE was proven to be the weak link in the recent Google hack attack in China, a lot of people are clamoring for internet denizens to finally give up on Microsoft. Especially IE6. It is verboten. And evil.

I won't code for it, no siree.

Please don't make me code for it… IE6 broke me in 2004. It made me cry. I gave up web design because I would have nightmares about IE6. I'd spend hours scouring over source code for a design that worked in every browser except IE6, only to find I had forgotten to put a quote around a number. It'll induce a panic attack, I promise. And Depression.

We can't have that, can we?

In the meantime, I will proceed to the next phase of the site design where I break the page again and hope none of you notice. If you've got any feedback, now would be the time to come out of your lurking caves and let me know what you think. Then again, you RSS readers probably don't care what I do to the site since you never see it.

Not that that's bad. Honest. I love all 500 of you.

Wish me luck.