Friday, February 19, 2010

ADDaboy! Tips to Help You Not Forget Things Like I Did Last Night

(cc) Douglas CooteyIn the spirit of self-mockery that I have upkept over the years here, I wrote: Keep Tabs on Your Goods with the ADHD Fuddy Duddy System™

I cover two simple steps that I mostly follow (when I remember) to keep track of my goodies without leaving them behind in train stations, school rooms, and parking lots. Or Target electronics counters. A cane is a three foot long shiny piece of wood, yet I left it and my keys on the counter as I walked away with my purchase. My fifteen year old came up behind me with them and had a good laugh at my expense. I would have noticed they were gone…when I couldn't get into my car.

That reminds me. I have no idea where all my Ray Ban Wayfarer IIs went. Expensive little things. I finally stopped replacing them in the mid 90s. Then I went to work for Dillard's part-time in 2002 and could buy a pair on a discount. I saved up, made my purchase, and dropped them on the pavement a few days later. Wouldn't you know they sought out the roughest part of the pavement on their way down? Somehow I scratched them on the INSIDE. To this day I do not know how I did it. I wore them anyway, but always with a tinge of sadness. The scratch created a blurry patch on my inside right eye which drove me mad when the sun caught it just right. Now they sit in a drawer because I can't wear contacts. But they're not lost! That's an upside, right?

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the article.

This week's goal has been in trying to get my sleep schedule under control. I haven't written in my work in progress at all. I'm looking forward to changing that today. I also plan on writing next week's ADDaboy! articles today. I am tired of remembering I have to write those at 4am the day they are due. With luck, I'll update this blog again later with my progress.