Saturday, March 06, 2010

ADDaboy! - It Was a Good Idea Anyway

Remember that time I sold my minivan and left my spare keys in it and snuck into the car lot after hours to try and get them back because I had locked myself out of the house at 3am? Ah, such nostalgia. Never fear, though. There is no more perfect way to celebrate a smartypants article about how to prevent losing things like locking yourself outside AND the minivan because you left your keys in the other jacket. Head on over to ADDaboy! where I wrote about My Life as an ADHD Sitcom. It's OK. Go ahead and laugh. I did.

I'm wrapping things up here and heading on over to the library to work on next week's ADDaboy! articles or to write in my novel, which is more likely to happen. I had a very bad neurological day yesterday and achieved nothing of import except to get into arguments with half of my family. My wife & girls often assume I'm a jerk first before thinking "Oh, hey. He's not doing so well today." Most families don't understand neurological disabilities. Even mine. Nothing I can do about it. I'll just make sure the articles are finished before Sunday eve.

In the meantime, are you enjoying the snow? Winter seems to have made a comeback yesterday, as well as my cold, but Spring is determined to be victorious. I saw crocuses emerging from the earth on Thursday and heard a mourning dove bright and early today. Yes, that was me up at 9am on a Saturday morning. Now to don warm clothes and brave the sunny March snowdrifts. Spring is yet determined to send Winter packing, but I hear Winter has another wallop coming tomorrow.