Sunday, May 09, 2010

Publication Update: In Which Douglas Discovers People Like Working with Him

(cc) Douglas CooteyI suppose it is high time I wrote something cheery and positive—especially considering the bout of Depression I have been struggling with for the past two weeks. I lost some very important possessions, a lifetime of them actually, and it has hit me quite hard. 

So today I will not mention that my insomnia has taken over my life like fire to paper. I will also not mention, even once, that my finances are in such a state of disarray that I could travel the full length of I-40 and never find them. 

ADDitude Magazine

Instead, I will point out with some degree of pride that I have published a new article in ADDitude Magazine. They recently sent me two complimentary copies and included a note stating about how much they liked working with me. Either somebody is covering for me over there, or I'm not as bad as I had imagined. Perhaps by nature of their magazine's subject they are used to working with people with half a brain losing a contract. Don't worry. I found it again. At any rate, I invite you to visit the site and read about my experience trying to figure out which distractions were the greatest obstacles for me and what I did about them. The article is also available in the Summer issue at bookstores, maybe even your local ones:

ADDitude Magazine - Showdown with ADHD
The project seemed simple. Choose two goals to complete during the month of May. Work toward meeting those goals—and only those goals—and take notes on the obstacles I encounter. This was my stand against ADHD—my showdown at high noon. I live in the West. I had my butt handed to me, though, by a wagonload of nitroglycerin pulled by a team of hyperactive horses.

My next goal with ADDitude Magazine is to write a headlining article. I want it listed on the front cover or featured on their website. I will need to step up my game a bit, but I'm up for the challenge.


I am also happy to announce that I have worked for for four months now and haven't been fired. This is, indeed, a notable achievement. If you search for "adult adhd blogs" you may even find ADDaboy! on the first page of the Google search results. I must be doing something right. I'm working on my fifth month with and have even written new articles that you may or may not enjoy. I recommend reading them to find out for yourself:

ADHD: Playing by Your Own Rules and Still Losing
Is it possible that adults with an attention deficit disorder might have a difficult time following established protocols because they keep thinking of new ones or just leap ahead without thinking at all? That couldn’t cause any problems in the workforce, could it?

ADHD: Flipping a Coin Between Too Much Attention and Too Little
There is one aspect of Adult ADHD that has perplexed and befuzzled my wife for all twenty one years of our marriage. I like to think of it as the coin flip of attention extremes. Heads, I ignore you because I’m hyperfocused, or tails I ignore you because I’m spacing out. I can’t for the life of me imagine why she’d have a problem with this.

I'd love to hear from more readers. Let me know if you're liking what I write or not. Feedback is the water that nourishes my muse. I've already fertilized the soil with my lifetime of ADHD fiascos, so you won't have to worry about helping with that.