Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obligations, Disability, and Ruined Spaghetti Sauce

I was told this avatar made someone's face hurt just by looking at it…I didn't write anything in my novel for Wensday. I'm afraid my motor tic disorder got the better of me. Today's flavor was the slow tic. There was a bit of back ticking, but mostly today just felt like walking through a block of cotton candy wearing a heavy suit of armor in an inflatable moonwalk, but not nearly so fun or festive.

Maybe I should just say I sat and processed things slowly all day. I even ruined the spaghetti sauce. I'm Italian. It takes a lot for an Italian to ruin spaghetti sauce, yet I managed it. I should have backed away from the stove when I discovered that when I thought I set the sauce on two notches up from Low it was actually two notches away from High. I barely saved the sauce from scorching, but then I pushed my luck and added the spices. Who knows what I put in there. Turtle Wax? Battery Fluid? It was bad.

When the ticking spell subsided around 1:30am, I suddenly realized (thus proving that the ticking spell had subsided) that I had an article due in the morning. What fun. But I typed it out quickly and then instead of going to bed got distracted watching "Justified" episodes off the internet.

Now I must sleep. Here's hoping I have a better day later.