Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Record: 613 Subscribers

(cc) Me

Subscriber numbers go up and down over time. They peak during the week and drop over the weekend. Sometimes, glitches will knock several hundred subscribers off the count. It's a good thing that I don't base my self-esteem on that stat.

However, when I saw 599 people subscribed to my blog yesterday, I was pleased. I had been hovering around 550-580 for months. To top that with 619 subscribers today is just wonderful.

There are six hundred and thirteen people reading my blog? That is humbling and amazing. Thank you, all of you. The number could drop again by Monday so I will not read too much into it, but for the moment I am excited. I've come such a long way from my lowly beginning 5½ years ago. Some of you have been with me the whole time. Thank you.

I hope that you enjoy what you read here and that I don't waste your time. I took a chance at the beginning of the year to switch my focus from writing about ADHD & Depression to charting my progress with a goal despite ADHD & Depression. I appreciate your patience with me as I have felt around for a good approach with the new focus.

I have more in store for you in the coming months. I'm very glad to have you along for the ride. Please keep the comments coming. I love feedback (and even constructive criticism). Now the blog comment system features thumbs up AND down buttons, plus better social networking integration. I hope the system is easy to use for you. Thanks again.

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