Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Picture Book Fresh Out of the Kiln

Pizza, Chocolate Milk & iPadLast Monday, I was ticking so badly that I had to inform my editor over at HealthyPlace that I would be unable to write my blog in time.

And so I spent my night in a mental limbo of tickiness. I usually end up watching Netflix with my head perched on my neck in a way that the eyes are directed towards the monitor. As long as images of interest flicker by, I can ride out the ticking episode until the storm passes. Unfortunately, there is no creative output during this time—not while the storm rages across my lobes. 

Sometime during that limbo when it was not Monday but Tuesday yet still early enough to pretend it was still Monday, I was struck with a new idea for a picture book. I quickly jotted my ideas down, but then realized, “Oh, hey! I'm not ticking. I should probably work on my article for HealthyPlace.” This sudden realization of responsibility is usually the sign that the episode has passed. And so I worked on my blog.

Two days later I returned to my story and finished it. That was the fastest picture book I had written to date. I call it “Beware the Gobbler” (with the wonderfully obscure hash tag #bewrgob) and I love it. The story is about the rein of terror an older brother has over his sibling, and the sibling's revenge. I decided to let the story sit for a week before beginning the next draft. 

Tonight #bewrgob calls to me. Apparently, it is a perfect night for revisions. I don't control these things, but rather sniff them in the ether. This is one reason I am not making the big bucks. My work schedule is based on metaphysics coupled with olfactory senses.  

I am so pleased with this picture book that I have decided it is the one I want to send around. It captures my voice in a way that “Take a Hike!” (#tkahk) simply didn't. Perhaps I will take my prosaic li'l #tkahk and introduce danger into it. A monster or two. A scary storm. New ideas can bring new excitement to an old story.  

Still, I will polish #bewrgob first before revising #tkahk. I am anxious to put it in an envelope and mail it off to a publisher.

These are the times that I am thankful for ADHD. A random thought that had absolutely nothing to do with what I was supposed to be working on seized me by the collar and hurled me onto my keyboard. What choice did I have but to write? When it was done, I was left with a story that captured my fancy and a great feeling of accomplishment. Revising will likely be duller than the lightning strike of creativity, but I am highly motivated so boredom will not become an obstacle.

In fact, I think I will get to it now.
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