Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Night Blossoms & Twinkies

Night BlossomAnother late night for me, but I'm feeling pretty good. I've maintained my 50 Words Per Day Challenge all month long! Yes, it's technically only three days into the month, but I'll take my accomplishments where I can get them.

I rewarded myself with a rare treat; I bought myself a Twinkie. I eat one every ten years or so. I figured I was due. Now I'm wishing I had waited another ten years instead. Is it a natural side-effect of Twinkies to cause hives? Also, my stomach feels as if I've swallowed chunks of embalming waste.

But it sure was tasty.

Now that NaNoWriMo is underway, I am reading my Twitter stream with awe and a bit of chagrin. Some people are at 5000 words already for the month. I don't know if their story is worth reading, but that's an impressive amount of output for two days. None of those people have children at home—a curious observation I made. I'm thinking that if I fill my kids with Twinkies, they'll have so many preservatives inside them that I can put them in storage for the rest of the month. I could possibly increase my output an extra 25 words per day. There are a few kinks in the plan, but I'm thinking I may be onto something here.

With luck I will finish Chapter Six of #snkrz today. My goal is to have the first draft finished by Thanksgiving. I can unglue myself from the internet and focus in now that the election is over. This is assuming the Twinkie doesn't kill me.

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