Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Restless Soul

Originally published at Absentminded Author, v1.

Writing went well today. I finished chapter 13, which was a good thing. I had been languishing on that chapter for two weeks. I'm currently awake and unable to sleep, but it's not for lack of accomplishments. My story has crossed over 20,000 words, which may be small to some, but an enormous amount compared to me.

Since it was 50°F outside, I went for a leisurely walk at 3am—my first this year. Winter has kept its clutches on the weather, with snow as recent as yesterday. In the warm, suddenly Spring air I thought I could work off excess energy and brainstorm on chapter 14 simultaneously, but I ended up just exploring.

Tomorrow my goal is to have two writing sessions. This will call for rethinking my priorities, better organization, and a determination to succeed. But for now, I am finally tired.