Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Can Only Be a Good Thing

Thursday - Entry 9:

Can't sleep. So I'll write an update instead.

I didn't finish all my SEO freelance articles as planned. I came up two short by the end of the day. I had forgotten I had agreed to watch the Brownie yesterday. What a li'l mess-maker she was.

Once she was gone, I cleaned, vacuumed, and washed windows to reclaim what I had done earlier before she arrived. Only then was I was able to do three articles and work on the plot of my NaNoWriMo project.

I haven't written fiction in a while and feel that it is time. The last book I wrote I finished as my marriage collapsed. Not only did I never go back to polish that book, I stopped writing fiction altogether. I had subconsciously woven my marital turmoil into the story and inseparably associated my divorce with fiction writing. Enough time has passed that I am feeling the urge to write again. This can only be a good thing.

As the day turned into evening, I ran for 20 minutes, then came back to my apartment to work on the Anime Banzai playlist for the formal dance. Anime Banzai is an enormously large Japanese anime convention here in Utah. There were 3300 attendees last year. I had promised my friend, Joe, I would DJ the dance which is this Friday. (I narrowly avoided having to wear a costume for the event.) I ran the iPad version of djay thru its paces, got the pre-cue splitter working, and fine tuned some of the playlists. Then I naughtily chatted for about an hour, finished one more freelance article, moved the laundry along, folded clothes, and watched some TV.

Would you believe that after all that, I felt bad that I hadn't worked on my ADHD book today? Fortunately, I'm finally tired, so I'm just going to bed instead of uselessly worrying about what I didn't accomplish. Sounds more productive to me.