Friday, April 12, 2013

When Were You Diagnosed with ADHD?

Last week Rock Center with Brian Williams had a segment on a mother who was only diagnosed with ADHD after her daughter was discovered to have ADHD. The mother was 42. You can see a clip of the segment here. I'm wondering how common this is with others. I was diagnosed very early. At 3 weeks old my doctor decided I had "hyperkinesis". That could be because I rarely slept and would stand when people held my fingers. My head was too heavy to support, and I flopped it around, but I was standing. The year was 1967. Fifteen years later the term was Attention Deficit Disorder, but I was lucky. I was diagnosed very early. There was a label for my symptoms.

When were you diagnosed? Did you learn you had ADHD early or late in life? If you were late to the game, do you think an earlier diagnosis would have helped you score better?