Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm a Top 10 Social HealthMaker on ADHD? Has There Been a Mistake?

Something happened to me on August 6th. You may have missed it because the news cycle moves fast, and the CIA did indeed confirm the existence of Area 51. I mean, I can forgive you for not noticing the far more important news that happened to me while you and your UFOlogist buds raged against the taunting press release from our government that confirmed a poorly kept secret while still denying us the truth about President Obama’s extraterrestrial origins. I’m exhausted just writing that. Who has the energy to remember li’l ole me? Clearly, there are unexplained phenomena out there that demand attention. Kim Kardashian’s bathing suits, Republicans against the Tea Party, Justin Beiber’s popularity…the list goes on and on.

Let me make this easier for you. Somehow I ended up on the Top 10 Social HealthMakers on ADHD list. This is a pretty big deal. Somebody’s going to get fired when the powers-that-be find out. The list is put out by Dr. Oz’s organization, Sharecare. They even wrote up a bio on me which was published on news sites all over the web like this one at Yahoo!. I should probably let Sharecare know that I don’t actually raise unicorns in Southern Utah. And maybe give them a better picture (but not this one).

Sharecare’s list features ten luminaries in the ADHD social media circles. Some of them are familiar to me. If you haven’t read the works of Bryan Hutchinson, Dr. Ed Hallowell, and Kelly Babcock, then you’re missing out. Check out their profiles over on Sharecare. If you haven’t read my work, don’t worry about it. I don’t read it either. The other six writers are all new to me, and I’m excited to link up with them on Facebook and Twitter to hear & read what they’re all about. I suggest looking them up as well, and while you’re at it check out the excellent features of Sharecare’s main site. It’s like a more social network/design savvy version of WebMD.

Meanwhile, I will continue finishing up the work on my first book. I should be polishing up the first draft later this week. The book is about overcoming depression and suicidal tendencies featuring reader-favorite blogs over the years, along with new material and commentary. I may include that photo of me in the back of the book for folks to look at every time the writing brings them down. I wouldn’t want them to take me too seriously.