Sunday, March 27, 2016

Writing in a Fishbowl: Day Nine

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12:57 PM: My neurologically off period continues. Even though I slept for 7½ hours, I’m still wobbly. I’m not ticking as much as I feel palsied. I read news for an hour and caught up on social media. It’s not my usual Sunday afternoon activity, but reading scriptures was too deep. Hurts my head. But the news wasn’t a good idea. There’s so much pain and suffering in the world. Even on Easter, there is no respite. I regretted spending that time on tragedy and contention. I should have just listened to a church talk.

Eventually, I could get up, so I cleaned my kitchen, chatted with the Leprechaun, and made strawberry bread—forearm crutch in hand. My daughter wanted to know if I wanted her to make the bread. I said, “No, I got this. Sometimes I need to force myself.” She said, “Fine, but I can’t watch.” My ticking is hard for my children to watch, especially when I struggle to do simple things. They often tell me to go sit on the couch and watch TV. Sometimes that distracts my mind and helps me stop ticking so severely. But watching TV is a timesink.

3:30 PM: I had to sit down. Head was swimming. My two crutch day has take a lot out of me. My daughter and I planned the rest of our time together, including getting a ride for me to my parent’s for Easter. I can’t drive in this condition. At the moment, I’m lying in bed catching up, thinking about my book and how I’ll better spend the week. I need to write more articles. These little updates can’t be the only articles I post. I hope my readers know to click on the tabs above to filter out these writing articles if they find this project boring.

I am determined to have a better week, no matter what is thrown at me, but for now I am taking on Pokémon Tower in Pokémon Yellow. Even this is tasking.

5:10 PM: The Leprechaun has headed off to Easter at Nana’s. I’m sick and neurologically out of it today, so I’ve not only missed Easter Sunday service, I’m also missing my family get-together. Pikachu could not soothe my soul, so I crawled out of bed. I needed to write instead.

9:47 PM: The Brownie is here now, and put to bed. I managed to get an hour of writing in after the Leprechaun left. Whatever cold I have is making the ticking worse, but at least I don’t need my forearm crutches tonight as I did all day.

I’m stuck in my book at a part where there are lots of words written, but I’m not sure what on Earth I’m trying to say. Rewriting. Rethinking. The word count won’t be great today either, but I hope to have moved forward.

Have you ever noticed when you’re sick that you tend to be more depressed, ADHD, or whatever? That seems to be the case for me, but I’m determined to get this section done tonight so that I can finish this book by Wensday.

But first a TV break. My head is swimming again. I’m probably doing too much. As little interest as there is in my “Writing in a Fishbowl” series, I am so glad that I’m doing this. You can look at my life and call it a mess, but I’m going to have a book to show for it.

3:45 AM: Now that I'm feeling a bit better, I caught up with my Writing in a Fishbowl posts, then wrote some thoughts on the recent acts of terrorism in the world. Then I rolled up my sleeves and attacked the hurdle I had been tripping over since Saturday. The chapter glides along effortlessly now, as opposed to the rickety ride it was before. After all that editing and rewriting, however, I came out with the exact same project word total as yesterday! What strange odds. At least I am no longer stuck.

And now to bed. I must be up at 6:20am.


Day No.1: 1250 words
Day No.2: 703 words
Day No.3: 671 words
Day No.4: 262 words
Day No.7: 2725 words
Day No.8: 231 words
Day No.9: 0 words (Looks terrible! Rewriting is evil.)

Project Word Count Total: 5842 words