Thursday, March 31, 2016

Writing in a Fishbowl: Day Thirteen

Nifty logo of words in a fishbowl

10:10 PM: Today, I was wiped out by the events of yesterday. I slept into the afternoon. Played with Miitomo. Discussed politics on Facebook. Basically, I let myself spin. Somedays, I need time off from wrestling with my ADHD, depression, or ticking all day long. I need to let myself just be me, distractions and all. That doesn't mean I wave insouciantly in the direction of responsibility, and blow it a kiss. I made bank transfers. I made dinner. I made sure to bring my daughter to her Chinese medicine doctor to have her remedy tweaked. We needed to compensate for her temper outbursts and increased seizures. If I'm exhausted trying to keep up with her rollercoaster, I can't imagine how burned out she's getting with all that chaos inside her head. So I took the day off. However, once my daughter was in bed for the night, I began to feel the itch to write.

4:00 AM: I'm still digging myself out of the hole I created with my shoddy research notes the other day. However, I finally began to move forward again. Only 974 words to show for all that effort, but there were facts to verify and entire passages to be rewritten. This part of the book is so much slower than the earlier bits. I need to be careful. I need to reverify my findings and avoid errors. It's all so fiddly and time-consuming. Yet, I'm pressing forward. In fact, I just finished step four of eight in Section IV, so I'm over the halfway mark. I now know I'll easily cross 10,000 words, which was my original goal.  I had already written a few thousand words on the book before I began this project.

This project is showing me that my idea of writing a small book project one chapter at a time as blog posts is going to be something that I can truly do. I've never begun any of these "blog books", as I call them, because I didn't have faith I could finish them after beginning so publicly. This project, however, has given me confidence.

My plan is to post the first draft of each chapter as a blog post. I've taken the idea from Dean Wesley Smith. He designs the book cover, states the concept, then begins writing the blog as a series. Later, he polishes them up and sells them as inexpensive ebooks, leaving the first drafts up as advertisement for the completed book. If people don't want to pay, they can read his first drafts for free, but his series are so useful that his readership gladly supports him. Knowing him, however, he doesn't do much in the way of rewriting, but he does put some spit & shine on it. I can do the same.

First, though, I need to see this project through to the end.


Day No.1: 1250 words
Day No.2: 703 words
Day No.3: 671 words
Day No.4: 262 words
Day No.7: 2725 words
Day No.8: 231 words
Day No.9: 0 words
Day No.10: 0 words
Day No. 12: 0 words
Day No. 13: 974 words

Project Word Count Total: 6816 words