Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Maelstrom of Sleepy Chaos

Claw Conquest: $2.50

The chaos that is the Brownie is at her mother's, finally asleep. All that remains of her is the debris left behind in her tornado's wake. Not even my latest claw acquisition remains as a cute accent on the dump I call my apartment. With her angelic absence, I was finally able to work on the business cards I intended to use later today. What a handful she has been this summer! You have no idea. After all, how could you? I have kept the drama tight to my vest. And here I am, changing the subject. Now I can at last prevent entropy from destroying my kitchen, finish the laundry before the cycle of chaos begins again Sunday night, and wind down with ethereal shoe-gazer music in the background. Morpheus calls, but he's a dull old boy and easily ignored.

In the morning, I will rush off to Fedex Office and print the business cards that I didn't have ready for the last conference I attended, then I will race along the Wasatch Front to arrive at the Community & Family Education Day on Tourette & Tic Disorders conference. I don't know what I am expecting to find there, but I have promised myself to attend more mental health themed conventions. Perhaps I will find new friends & enlightenment. Perhaps I will wake up in the morning and discover I am unable to drive. So much uncertainty makes for an exciting weekend.

Then the evening will be spent at the Miss Sandy beauty pageant where my 2nd oldest daughter, Cathryn, is competing. I'm probably planning too much for one day, but if I prop myself up with plenty of protein & potassium, I should be able to make it through the evening without incident. What a shame I forgot to cancel my Saturday get-together with my friends. Hopefully, I'll remember to call them before they call me when I don't answer the door.

I am listening to "Eskimo Swin" by The Autumns this very second. ♫ ★★★★

I regret that I didn't finish the Family Guy articles this week that I promised to send to my editor, but you won't regret reading my book on overcoming suicidism.