Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Writing in a Fishbowl v3 – Day Fifteen

Nifty logo of words in a fishbowl

3:43 AM: Since I haven’t gone to bed yet, yesterday is still today for me, and I have even less to report than I did with my last entry. I spent the day dealing with my child’s needs, seeing her therapist, doing tech support for my parents for a few hours, taking care of my child’s needs again, then spending hours trying to re-enable comments on my blog.

I have no idea why I cannot fix the comments. I have gutted my blog code, replaced the code entirely with another blog of mine that has working comments, reset all the widgets, changed the template a dozen times, and STILL NO COMMENTS. I give up. It can’t be done. There is something corrupt on Google’s end that is preventing me from re-enabling Blogger, Google+, and, even, Disqus comment systems. There is nobody at Google who will help me. Nobody to call up for tech support.

At this point, I have 4 choices:

  1. Create a brand new blog, migrate all my content to it, design it just right, then delete my old blog and rename the new one with the old one’s name. Assuming Google let’s me do this, everything should be up and running quickly, but I’ll still be punished by Google for not having a secure domain.
  2. Do the above, and pay for an SSL Certificate, etc. at my domain host. I need to do this anyway. I’m thousands of unique visitors down monthly compared to over a year ago.
  3. Kiss Blogger goodbye. If I have to migrate content and fiddle with images for almost 900 posts, then I might as well do it on a blogging platform that is supported. Ghost looks really nice, and supports markdown coding. The geek in me is drooling.
  4. Live without comments on a blog. Google may eventually shut down Blogger on a whim, and, in the meantime, they punish my Google ranking because my domain is http: and not https:, but this would be the easiest solution.

Notice none of these options involve writing a book or articles, this is why I’ve been procrastinating migrating to another platform, and why I haven’t had working comments on my blog in ages. Now is a terrible time to migrate to a new platform. Besides, all this is murder on my ADHD. I am so overwhelmed by all the complicated options.

Alright. Whine, whine, whine…

I have to quickly restore my widgets on my blog, especially the ones that track visitors. I am 645 unique visitors away from half a million. This is really big news. Unfortunately, blog is in between templates at the moment, so instead of sleeping, I am rushing to finish. To make up for my lack of writing, I will lay in bed and jot down ideas for my next two ADDitude Magazine blog articles, jot down some ideas for my next blog here on the 30th, and, assuming I haven’t fallen asleep, brainstorm for my next book chapter. I’m behind.

5:22 AM: Why on earth did I start this project? The navigation CSS code won't work with this new template. Why? It's Tuesday. Cosmic rays. It's Trump's fault. You pick. I'd rather go watch snow melt at this point.

6:15 AM: That navigation bar sure is Web 1.0 ugly, but it'll do until I can fix the CSS code for that navigator menu. Now, it's time to jot down some ideas in bed. Tomorrow is a new day. There's not much I could have done differently today, so I'll just make sure I put in some writing time tomorrow, which is your today. And now I'm done.

If you like disorganization, you should… Wait a second, my books are beautifully organized.