Sunday, July 04, 2021

Feedburner Is Dying. I'm Moving Email Subscriptions to

(cc) Douglas Cootey
Feedburner is being put to pasture by Google, so I have moved my Feedblitz email subscribers over to Thank you for understanding. 

My original RSS URL is sixteen years old, back from when I called this blog THE Splintered Mind, long before I discovered that early blog indexers alphabetized their listings without ignoring determiners like "a" or "the". So A Splintered Mind was born, and suddenly I was at the top of the lists. Yep, I was sneaky. 

Then I discovered Feedburner which allowed me to track stats and such on the people who subscribed. Feedburner took the old RSS feed and gave you a new one to share with readers that made their magic work. Now Google's shelving the magic. Bad news for me, but not bad news for you.

Feedburner for end users will hang around for an indeterminate amount of time according to Google. You should be able to continue accessing all your feedburner based RSS feeds in whatever RSS reader you still use. That means you'll continue to receive updates from this blog. However, Google giveth and Google taketh away. I wouldn't trust them for long. It's time to update your feedburner branded RSS feeds. This link should do the trick:
It's also time for me to move this blog to another platform, so I'll be planning my migration in earnest now. I suspect that Blogger will be on the chopping block one day soon. I'm looking into self-hosting solutions, just for your information, but whatever I elect to do will be much better than this tired old Blogger platform. We've had a lot of fun here, though. Thanks for your continued support.