Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bad Luck: My Wife Thought She Was Being Clever

I could file this next bit under humor, but traditionally wet sock escapades go under the "Bad Luck" label.

The other night my wife knocked on the bathroom door as I was brushing my teeth. I opened it to find her dangling a mangy, drippy sock in my face. You might think that I make this stuff up, but my family thinks it's uncanny and hilarious how I manage to gravitate towards every spill there is in the house and step in it. My socks are constantly soaked. So when Robyn found a wet sock on the floor she couldn't pass up an opportunity to tease me.

"Want to step on a wet sock?" she said devilishly.

"I already did" I replied1. You see, I had entered the bathroom and stepped on that soggy sock only moments before and kicked it out into the hall in disgust. I wish I could say my wife was overcome with pity for my plight, but she was too busy laughing. It was rather funny, so I had a good laugh too. I can't avoid wet socks even when they aren't mine.

Coping Strategies:

1) Learn to levitate.