Thursday, May 02, 2019

Healthline's Best Depression Bloggers for 2019

Facebook isn’t always the best curator of excellent content. If you’re looking for people who write about depression, you are going to love Healthline’s new list.

depression best blogs badge 2019

I am honored to be included in Healthline’s Best Depression Blogs of 2019. This is my fourth year to be listed. What a wonderful resource they have put together for you.

Many mental health sites have made curated lists of depression bloggers over the years (you can find some of them here), but Healthline’s is the most consistent year over year. You should bookmark the link. They update it every Spring with their new selections. Read on for my personal recommendations.

This year, Healthline is recommending a few competing websites for their readers to visit, which is very cool. One of those sites is, where I used to blog about ADHD years ago. They also recommended some bloggers I met last Fall in Boston. Dan Lukasik (Lawyers With Depression) and Bill White (Chipur) are both fantastic people. I’ve known Dan for some years because of lists like this. His writing has a cosmopolitan feel that my posts lack, but he’s down home, too.. You’ll like him. Bill impressed me with his extensive knowledge on depression medications. He keeps himself abreast of upcoming developments in the pharmaceutical industry, but his blog posts answer basic questions with a fresh approach.

Although I’m only now discovering the other bloggers listed on this years list, I can’t leave you until I mention Deborah’s Wing of Madness. Deborah and I hit it off at the same conference I met Dan & Bill at. She is also fantastic—sharp witted, too. She and I clicked like a comedy duo as we workshopped. We probably saw eye to eye on many issues because she, like myself, deals with depression and ADHD. Her insights and blog posts are extremely informative. I highly recommend giving her a read.

Let me know what you think of these award winning blogs on Depression. I hope you’ll be as pleased with them as I am.

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