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Accolades, Attributions & Awards

Over the years, I have received various awards for my efforts here. I've even been interviewed, though I've not been thorough in keeping track of those. It's like I have an attention deficit or something. You can find all those links below. Why would you care? Maybe you wouldn't. I keep track of these links for my own sake to remind me that I'm doing alright—that I'm not just shouting into the void. You might enjoy these sites, regardless. There's more there than applause for yours truly. Most of these awards lead to a list of excellent blogs and wonderful writers who have their own things to say about ADHD, depression, and mental health.

Unfortunately, not all of the sites that featured me are still online. Frankly, I am gobsmacked and befuddled that I have been online long enough to outlive so many of these resources. To address this, I've updated this page with archive links so you can see what the award pages looked like when the award was issued. The layouts are often broken, and some require you to scroll and scroll and scroll… but the content is there. Now you can discover them, and, with luck, access them again.




depression best blogs badge 2019


depression best blogs badge 2018


depression best blogs badge


depression best blogs badge


Top 10 ADHD Blogs of 2014
Top Ten ADHD Blogs


From Dr. Oz's site:
☞ ShareCare Bio


Top 20 ADHD Blogs at ADDer World


Top Ten Depression Blogs

CNN Interview on Winter Depression


Featured in Alltop for eight years.

(Here's a later link that has a better layout: 2015)

Top Ten Depression Blogs


The beginning of it all
Blogger Blogs of Note:
13th December 2005)


Originally published on 9/30/09


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