Friday, October 07, 2005

Sex Offender: Poor Baby

I don't usually comment on this subject here but when I read this news item I just had to write something.

Eddie Underwood, a local Utah convicted sex offender, was up before a parole hearing today. He has served 20 years in prison for sexually abusing his daughters and many neighborhood girls as well as murdering a man. The journalists were short on the details, like how long he was originally sentenced or the name of the man he killed or even the town he was from. I suppose they were too shocked by what Eddie said to worry about those details. Apparently, Eddie told the Parole Board that he saw himself as the vicitm in these sexual abuse cases. After hearing his testimony, the board quickly concluded the hearing.

Gee, I wonder how they'll rule on his parole? Think they might throw away the key this time?