Thursday, November 03, 2005

Insomnia: The Evil Stepchild of AD/HD

Ever have one of those nights when you are so anxious about the next day you can't let go? I'm having one of those nights right now. My wife is awaiting word for a new job and I'm so uptight with worry I worried myself right through the night. Oh, I didn't fret about and pace and talk to myself. I only do that when I discover my elected officials played lapdog for the RIAA/MPAA again. This was just one of those nights where I found things to do all night long.

I've written before about how poorly I respond to medications. So I won't go into the exciting world of Ambien hallucinations or melatonin next day lethargy. Instead I'm just going to jump right into the coping strategies.

Coping Strategies:

  1. I shouldn't have worked with the lights on. Keeping things dark would have helped me get sleepy.
  2. I should have used my Chinese exercise balls. Those things always knock me out.
  3. I should have mentally prepared myself to retire for the evening instead of pushing through my fatigue to finish what I was working on. I could have finished it in the morning.
  4. I'm not going to berate myself over this. I can prevent myself from turning my sleep schedule upside down again. Lights out. Cloisonne spheres in hand. And wake up as close to my normal time as possible. That way I have a chance of being tired at my target goal the next evening. I risk more ticking episodes if I don't put a stop to this now.

Of course, this is how I deal with insomnia. Your methods may vary, but it is important to get control of it before it undermines your productivity and concentration.

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