Sunday, September 25, 2022

Bookwork Entry 9

A lot is said about adults with ADHD and their inability to focus, but not enough is said when they're focused on the wrong thing. Here I became fixated on adding a certain project to my list of things to do, which was already ridiculously long.

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25 AUGUST 2022 Bookwork 9: Did I really want to write a book about Pokémon?

Yeah, about that.

One of my steady blogging gigs ten years ago was for a gaming site. When that job shriveled up, my love for gaming didn't shrivel up with it. I developed a trading system for Pokémon XY & ORAS. It sold alright but not as well as I had thought it would.

When Generation VII games came out, I wrote a sequel, but the changes Game Freak made to the GTS seemed to kill trading. Basically, my system worked, but not as quickly. I never released the book.

Fast forward to the future and Pokémon HOME has replaced GTS, and all of a sudden my old system works steadily again. Of course, I thought of dusting off the old book and updating it.

This is where things get weird.

I already abandoned that idea. Too much work. Not enough return. It's a distraction. It turns a fun hobby into a job. I'd rather write a novel.

While I was sick, the next Pokémon game was announced. I don't remember when this occurred. but in my feverish delirium, I latched onto the idea that I could whip out an update. It would be easy as pie.

No, it would not. I've made pie. It is anything but easy to make. This book would require weeks of testing. It would be a pain to work out all the trade variations. Then I'd have to write them up. No. Just no.

What is really a pain is my ADHD. I had already buried this project. Then one delirious/brain numb/sick day, I suddenly dig this project up out of its eternal slumber and toss it back on top of the project pile? I don't even remember doing it, yet the drive to finish the book in time for the new game's release this November lingered in my mind.

Here is my shovel. I am burying this project again. I don't even want to work up my system for a shameless blog post in November. It's a distraction. Good bye!