Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brain Busted So I'll Blog

Neurologically off today. Not a happy camper. Must bury myself in work.

Homeschooling was hard today, but we covered many bases. Best day in several.

OK, enough. I can form full sentences.

I've been thinking of my goals. I'm committed to blogging every week until the last week of this year over at The Splintered Mind. Now that all my "fans" have disappeared, I still need to post regularly. It was the goal for the year, after all. I do have to admit, though, that going from 83 comments to zero is a bit of a blow. Apparently, the blogosphere doubled during the time I wasn't able to post regularly. That can account for the drop off. In addition, the lion's share of people commenting at the beginning of the year had their own blogs. They are all seasoned bloggers with their own followings now and I'm sure very busy blogging away. Or not. My technorati rank took a dive which means that either people delisted me, which is possible, or more likely they have stopped updating their blogs. Hey, they have AD/HD... Most likely at fault, however, is the overall change in the blogosphere. I have read several A list blogs that have mentioned the sharp drop offs in their blogs in the past few months. News and tech blogs have not seen this hit, but personal blogs have. All this would be academic if I didn't enjoy getting feedback so much.

I'm not complaining, however. RSS readership numbers for The Splintered Mind are the highest they have ever been. That's good news. Hundreds of people every week read my columns, about one hundred people regularly subscribe, and life is good. I'm looking forward to regular posting again every week from this point on. I just wish there were more interesting dialogues popping up in the comments section like there used to be.

Art, however, isn't working out so well. I think I am finally ready to tackle this issue, however, and will explore it further here. Nobody reads this, but what the heck. I want to chart my progress in black and white. Forty's coming up. Something has to motivate me to transform my life.